Products & Services

PWMCO provides a variety of products and services to help independent representatives and investment advisors to succeed.


RIA Services

PWMCO, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor under Charles Schwab’s RIA Platform offering its clients investment products and services available in the Schwab Platform. PWMCO, LLC can assist other RIA’s in establishing themselves under the Platform as a separate RIA or, in some cases, as an affiliate of PWMCO, LLC. PWMCO, LLC could help an RIA with the establishment of new accounts, servicing existing accounts, handling execution and other compliance issues as an intermediary between the RIA and Charles Schwab. Contact us for details.


Mutual Fund Application Only Services

PWMCO, LLC can assist clients with the purchase of many different mutual fund investments via Application Only with various Mutual Fund Families.


529 Education Account Services

PWMCO, LLC can assist clients with the establishment and investment of 529 Education Account Services.


No Hidden Fees

Our products and services are offered with fees clearly disclosed.


Management Team

Our diverse management team includes senior executives with proven expertise in the financial services industry. We work with our customers to meet their goals and objectives through the ups and downs of the market.