Business Continuity and Contingency Planning

PWMCO's Business Continuity Plan ("BCP") has been designed and tested to ensure that we are able to conduct our normal business operations in the event of an emergency or a significant business disruption. The plan has procedures addressing the following areas of concern:

  • Data Back-up and recovery

  • All mission critical systems

  • Financial and operational concerns

  • Alternate communications between PWMCO and its employees, clients, regulators, and all other necessary contacts

All PWMCO employees are required to carry wallet cards that contain contact information. Designated PWMCO principals will contact the employees with instructions on how the firm will proceed in the event of an emergency or significant disruption. All employees also are required to keep a copy of the BCP at a location outside of our office.

PWMCO has a remote facility that will provide access to the critical systems and services needed to perform its duties as a broker dealer and investment advisor.

Our plan outlines the action PWMCO will take in the event of a building or city-wide incident, including relocating technical and operational personnel to a pre-assigned alternate facility.

The PWMCO Business Continuity Plan summary will be mailed to customers upon request.